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Anvers - Belgique

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To rent this equipment, make a quote by phone or email. Distribution through distributors Boels. - Extract from boels (… Drilling And Milling Machine


Equipment for rent at Boels, detailed rates on quote. Description from renter website : (…) Drilling And Milling Machine Milling Machine Ground


About the product (source Boels) : (…) Equipment for rent on request from Boels distributors Boels. Pricing on demand. Drilling And Milling Machine Milling Machine Ground


Wall Saw 1600Mm On Rail 380V High-Frequency

About the product (source Boels) : Powerful high-frequency wall saw on rails for cutting through brick and reinforced c… Saw Férovaire


Wall Saw 1200Mm On Rail 380V High-Frequency

Description for renter: With this modular sawing system, you effortlessly cut through reinforced concrete, bricks and o… Saw Férovaire


Extinguisher Unit For Site Carriers

Description for renter: Features1st deployment when fighting firesFire class A, B, C and ETested according to EN3-7Sele… Extinguisher


Refrigerated Van, Single Axle

This type of material is available on request, request a quote. - Features4 support legs in the cornersInterior lightEx… Car Trailers Fridge


Make a request to dispose of the rental price. Description from renter website : (…) Bucket Loader


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What are the areas in the province of Antwerp where it is possible to reserve rental equipment?


Aliloca references the best shops offering equipment for rent in a large number of municipalities in the province of Antwerp such as Borgerhout, Deurne, the municipality of Antwerp, Tongerlo and many others. Find the shop that suits you, and borrow the equipment you need!

Focus on the province of Antwerp


Antwerp is a province of the Flemish region located north of Brussels. From an economic point of view, Antwerp is a hub of the diamond industry, with several diamond exchanges and a large number of shops specialising in diamond cutting. Situated on the Escaut, the port of Antwerp is one of the largest ports in the world (17th in the world and 2nd in Europe) and is connected to a large number of canals running through Belgium, giving it a major strategic location. The province of Antwerp also has the Antwerp Zoo, which is the oldest animal park in the country (founded in 1843). From a cultural point of view, the province is known for its famous painter Peter Paul Rubens and the Royal Museum of Fine Arts. Many of the tools available in Antwerp can be found on Aliloca, so don't hesitate to come and borrow them! 

Focus op de provincie Antwerpen


Antwerpen is een provincie in het Vlaamse Gewest ten noorden van Brussel. Vanuit economisch oogpunt is Antwerpen het centrum van de diamantindustrie, waar verschillende diamantbeurzen en een groot aantal winkels gespecialiseerd in het slijpen van diamant gevestigd zijn. De haven van Antwerpen, gelegen aan de Schelde, is een van de grootste ter wereld (17e in de wereld en 2e in Europa) en is verbonden met een groot aantal kanalen die België doorkruisen, waardoor de haven een belangrijke strategische ligging heeft. In de provincie Antwerpen bevindt zich ook de Antwerpse Zoo, het oudste dierenpark van het land (opgericht in 1843). Vanuit cultureel oogpunt is de provincie bekend om zijn beroemde schilder Peter Paul Rubens en het Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten. Heel wat gereedschap dat in Antwerpen beschikbaar is, is aanwezig op Aliloca, dus aarzel niet om het te komen lenen!

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