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Are you willing to do some gardening this weekend? Then this section will certainly interest you. We have gathered the most frequent garden tools and machines for rent in Belgium in order do facilitate your life while gardening.

Search for garden tools

Construction & Installation

Do you need specific equipment for your last DIY project? Then this section made for you. We have gathered the most frequent DIY, installation and renovation you can rent everywhere in Belgium in order to make your like easy.

Search for DIY tooling

Mobility and transport

Are you willing to move for a week or the weekend? Then this section will certainly interest you. We have gathered the most frequent mobility accessories for rent in Belgium. Bike racks, camper vans, snow chains, bikes, ... everything you might need is just a few kilometers from your home.

Rent Automobile Accessories

Energy, air & water

Equipment allowing to better control the energy as well as the various elements. You will find all kinds of equipment whether it is for supplying electricity, removing sewage or emptying a flooded area, or even heating / cooling air / water. So do not hesitate and discover the different products available.

Search for heating, air and water equipment

Painting, finishing & cleaning

With the right tools, cleaning can be relatively quick and painless. From tiles to carpets and polished wood floors, here you will find the best professional cleaning equipment to deal with any area of ​​your home or establishment, including rotary cleaners, powerful vacuums, hand washers. pressure and other sandblasters. Painting is also in this section.

Search painting, finishing and cleaning tools

Trailers, ladders & scaffolding and elevation

Are you moving out or needing to move big furniture? Then you might be interested in having a look at our elevation and transport section. This section contains useful objects to simplify you life while moving stuff arround, or up and down. Ladders, scaffholding, trailers, here you go !

Search for elevation and transport equipment

Construction Equipment

Site equipment is essential for large-scale work. They allow you to work in an adapted and safe way so that your work is done in optimal conditions. Whether it is for modular accommodation, rail equipment or even tools to facilitate traffic, you will find all the necessary equipment on Aliloca!

Search for work equipments


Are you organizing your own events? A reception, a conference, or maybe a live show? On Aliloca, you will find everything you need. We have gathered the best rental offers for events, near you.

All you need for your events.


Aliloca find and gather for you the best offers from professionals on multimedia and electronic equipement renting. Be it tv screens, video games, or filming gear.

Find the multimedia and electronic equipment you need.

Games & Entertainment

Are you planning an event with some friends? Willing to organize a crazy party, a board game evening or just willing to rent a table for your next barbecue? Then have a look here.

Games & Entertainment


In many cases, the rental of sports equipment remains a much more viable option than its purchase. At Aliloca, we seek and bring together the best rental offers from professionals near you, to make your life easier.

Find what you need for your favorite sport.

Medical, self-care and maternity

For all your medical, well-being and maternity equipment, Aliloca found for you all the best offers by professionals, near your location.

Find all you need for your well-being.

We live in a society that pushes us to consume more and more by buying a ton of objects and equipment that we rarely use. Unfortunately, we often try to resell them with a loss in value when they become too cumbersome and useless. Our consumption patterns are mainly based on buying and selling supplies of all kinds. These habits are not very responsible for our planet, but also for our wallet.

So why not reverse the trend and rent instead of buying? This is the objective of Aliloca, the best comparative site of rental offers in  whole Belgium! 

Our platform aims to bring together all providers offering items for rent in Belgium. Whether in Brussels, Bruges or Liege, we want to allow everyone to have access to a responsible and economical way of consumption! No more garages and warehouses full with accessories. Stop stocking, leave this task to the rental specialists!

Aliloca is a reliable and very easy to use service for professionals as well as individuals! In just a few clicks, you can reserve the product of your choice at a professional establishment only a few kilometers away from your home. Compare, book, collect and receive your invoice (incl. VAT or VAT excl.).

More than 45,000 items supplied by several hundred addresses are referenced in our catalog. Several themes are covered in order to meet your specific needs. Gardening utensils, construction equipment, mobility accessories, audiovisual equipment for your parties, medical equipment, etc. Favor intelligent use of objects by adopting them for as long as you need, and no more !

Follow the trend

There are many reasons to start renting instead of buying items. For you, we picked just three reasons to search here.

Our target is to help you find items within less than 10 kilometers from your home.


Each time you rent, you consume less CO2 because you care about the planet.


Only rent from professional renters you can trust.