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Make a search or use our usage themes to find what need. Compare prices and specifications. You can choose between more than 5000 items for rent in Belgium.

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Discover all the locations where your product is available. We help you find renters close to you.

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Check availability, calculate the price and make a booking. You are ready to go, all you need is go to the renter location to collect the material.

Everywhere in Belgium

Where are you located? For you, we gatter all the items you can rent in your area. Whether you live in Brussels, Wallonia or the Flanders, we can help you find trustable renters, compare prices, book items in advance and avoid risks while renting. Your next rent is one click away.

Why Aliloca ?

There are many reasons to start renting instead of buying items. For you, we picked just three reasons to search here.

Our target is to help you find items within less than 10 kilometers from your home.


Each time you rent, you consume less CO2 because you care about the planet.


Only rent from professional renters you can trust.

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