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Gamers these days have a wide range of options. From 2D and 3D gaming consoles and hand-held devices, to games and devices for augmented reality (called AR) and virtual reality (also know as VR). Of course it's great fun to play with at home, but it's also a good option for events, festivals or parties, for example to set up a chill room.

At Gearbooker you will find all well-known brands and gaming consoles, such as Sony Playstation, Microsoft XBox, Oculus, Nintendo and Samsung. With these products you can play all popular and well-known games on the market. In addition, there are a lot of new developments in AR and VR. With their virtual and 360º environments you will immerse yourself in a completely different world. This is a lot more to play than just games. VR apps to you on a journey through the past and walk among the dinosaurs, take you to the future or visit a city on the other side of the world. No limits, no borders. The possibilities are literally endless.

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