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Ludofury Liège

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Description provided by the rental service

Ludofury is a board game rental service. It makes it easy to rent all types of board games at affordable prices. You pay a monthly subscription and can then rent several games each month from their assortment of more than 200 games! Regularly updated, this is a great option for table game lovers. Renting in Luik / Liège and surroundings.

Generic description

Ludofury Liège is a great location to rent near Glain - Liège - Rocourt. Below you can find the renter description and the list of items available. In order to book an item, just read the collection information and contact them. Don't hesitate to contact them if you have a question about renting material. Their experts are there to help you.

Booking and collection instructions

Every month discover or rediscover new games! With a rental system, it couldn't be easier.

Two options: either you choose the game you want yourself, or you indicate some criteria (type of games, number of players, etc.) and you receive a surprise box.

The price list is shown below:

  • 1 game for a period of one month / two months: € 9.99 / € 14.99
  • 2 games for a period of one month / two months: € 14.99 / € 19.99
  • 3 games for a period of one month / two months: € 19.99 / € 24.99
  • 4 games for a period of one month / two months: € 24.99 / € 29.99

Everywhere in Belgium, shipping included.


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