Mist Cannon 15 M For 10319 - Brussels

Mist Cannon 15 M For 10319 (1)

About the product (source Boels) : Unique mist cannon to suppress dust and odours in combination with our portable high-pressure cleaner on cold water and 207 bar. An environmentally friendly water mister as nearly 60% of the water that drives the fan, which is needed to generate the fine mist of water droplets, goes back to the high-pressure cleaner and is reused.FeaturesCan be used up to a 75 m distance from the high-pressure cleaner it is connected toCan be used indoorsNo electricity needed (…) Equipment for rent at Boels, detailed rates on quote.

Dimension: 15 mètres
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  • Brussels - industrielaan 199

    Boels Brussels - Anderlecht - 025239790
    1070, Anderlecht

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