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The hob can also be called a hob. It is an object found in a kitchen that is used to … read more

Rent Cooking
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What you should know about Cooking

The hob can also be called a hob. It is an object found in a kitchen that is used to cook food. There are different types of hobs.

  • The electric hob works, as its name suggests, with electricity and its power is regulated with a knob according to the intensity of the latter. It is an efficient, inexpensive system that is not afraid of shocks.
  • The gas plate is also very easy to use and has the advantage of being able to control its temperature with much more precision. Indeed, you see the intensity of the flames and you can manage it instantly. This type of plate is very economical and safer: the heating system stops automatically if the flame goes out.
  • The combi hob offers both gas and electric hobs. You can therefore adapt the cooking process to suit the type of dish you want. If one of the power supplies to your electric or gas hobs is switched off, you can always use the others.
  • The glass ceramic hob heats thanks to a radiant and/or halogen system underneath a glass plate. The temperature rises quickly with such a heating system and will remain stable. This plate can be used with any container.
  • Finally, the induction plate has the advantage that it is designed in such a way that only the container that is placed on the plate is heated, and not the rest of the table. This guarantees greater safety, as this type of hob has different cooking options and also sensors, for example, to detect an utensil placed on the hob. Finally, it is extremely quick to heat up, its temperature is precise and it saves energy.

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