“We are boosting the renting industry”

By simplifying the renting process for both renters and dealers, we are trying to make renting the new normal.

Our mission

In Short

"We make renting easy" : as this sentence summarizes it, Aliloca aims at making renting easy for both the renters and the owners. We believe that by doing so, the process of renting might be used much more often then we use today.

Why we do this

When people rent instead of buying new, they : reduce carbondioxyde emissions, gain time, gain money, get advice from the owner, gain storage space, avoid maintenance issues, help local professionals, car favor quality products, meet someone, gain flexibility by being able to pick just the right product for their specific need.

We believe all this is pretty cool, that's why we want to have a positive impact on the society by helping people rent.

Reasons to rent

Now, think about all the stuff you store in your garage, cellar, and office. How much of it hasn't been used for the last 3-6 months? Still remember the machine you bought last summer and never used since then? When is the last time you broke a low quality product ?

Our values

"Have fun, share, impact and innovate" are our key drivers.

  • Have Fun: We want people to do what they love to do, we tend to favour humour, sarcasm, jokes.
  • Share : As a player in the sharing economy, we believe renting is also about meeting people, discuss and share your thoughts and advice with them.
  • Impact: Impact is one of the key metrics we track internally. We see each rent as a victory as it is one object that was reused instead of bought. We like to act small but quick and dream big. We want to go big.
  • Innovate: thinking outside the box is part of our DNA.

And you ?

Let us know what you think, contact us and we will be happy to have a coffee with you.

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